The Scottish Federation of Organists

SCOTS Local Organ Workshops

SCOTS Local Organ Workshops are open to all. Please contact Douglas Galbraith with enquiries.


We have a very good Local Organ Workshop set up for Coupar Angus (the Abbey Church and St Anne's Episcopal Church - both excellent organs) for Saturday Feb 10. We'd gather 10.15-10.45 and would end after worship at 3.30. All the local organists are being invited also.

a hymn surgery - hymn tunes that give organists problems, or congregations find difficult, and how to help them sing;
organ voluntaries - how best to use practice time, and how to understand the music so that listeners can appreciate it more;
basic skills in harmonising and understanding how the harmonies 'work' - music's nuts and bolts.

The tutors are distinguished but very approachable and know the very different conditions and the great variety of instruments that week by week organists have to deal with. They are (our Administrator) Andrew Macintosh of the Royal College of Organists and organist of All Saints' Episcopal Church in St Andrews, Tiffany Von of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and Steven McIntyre deputy organist at St Mary's Cathedral (SEC), Glasgow. 

The cost is as usual: 25 (15 concessions)

We would like to know if you are thinking of coming - even up to a week before - since it would help us plan the tutorials. Tell Ruth Irons, our membership secretary:

We would also give more information nearer the time.


The next opportunity for coming to a workshop is on Saturday April 28 2018 at Kirkcaldy Old Kirk and St Peter's Episcopal Church. Our guest tutors on that occasion are Richard Michael, a well known exponent of jazz who is also a local organist and who will broaden (if not blow!) our minds about how to accompany hymns, especially of the more modern sort, and the ever-popular Matthew Beetschen of Dunfermline Abbey who will meet us at unique organ at St Peter's, built for an exhibition and said to be the smallest organ on which you can play organ music in all styles. Matthew will also broaden our minds in looking at how we can vary and increase repertoire, with plenty of examples.