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Salaries Committee


The Salaries Committee exists to produce and keep up to date guidelines on Organists' Salaries.  These guidelines are available below.


Individual enquiries of a general nature are also taken and help and assistance given where possible, however, individuals with enquiries about their personal contractual matters and tax matters should also take advice from their own solicitor or accountant.

For full details of recommended scales for salaries and fees click here:  




Organ Advice Committee


The Committee came into existence some 25 years ago, partly from the knowledge that at that time churches were employing, with no advice, the services of some rather dubious organ builders when there were plenty of good builders available.  Happily, there are still many organ builders available who operate to the finest standards.


Although the Committee does meet as such, we are more a body of Advisers who will act for anybody freely apart from expenses.  The Committee has always recruited members who have sufficient technical knowledge to advise about any sort of organ, pipe or digital, with confidence, and we pride ourselves on very many success stories.  We are grateful that we work with the cooperation and encouragement of all good organ builders, particularly members of the Institute of British Organ Building.


Congregations of the Church of Scotland should direct their enquiries via the Committee on Church Art & Architecture [CARTA] at 121 George Street, Edinburgh, who will contact one of us.  In the first instance '121' will pay the expenses.  Members of any other denomination or of a secular body are asked to contact one of the advisers detailed on the Organ Advice page of this site.


The latest version of our booklet Church Organs can be viewed by clicking this button.  A printed copy of the book will be available on our Publications/Books page, which will be added to the site in due course.

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