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We are a federation of Scottish societies of organists. Membership of any of the local societies is open to anyone with an interest in the organ; each society fixes its own membership fee but most are around £12 per annum.  If you live outwith convenient reach of a local society you may join the SFO direct on application to the Secretary (see Office Bearers page); the current fee for direct membership is £10 per annum and you will enjoy all benefits of membership.


Secretaries of the affiliated local societies are given on the Local Societies page.


While many of our members are practising organists, we welcome as members all those who have an interest in the organ and its music, and in church music. All local societies are affiliated to the Incorporated Association of Organists and SFO office bearers maintain cordial relationships with the IAO, the Royal School of Church Music and the Royal College of Organists.


Our purposes are both social and professional. Local societies throughout Scotland organise regular programmes of social events and we assist our members professionally through the work of several groups and organisations. The principal bodies which give support and advice are SFO Publications, the Organ Advice Committee, the Scottish Churches Organist Training Scheme (SCOTS), the Salaries Committee, the Scotland's Churches Scheme Organ Playing Fund and The Alfred Hollins Memorial Fund.  


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